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Three Generations of Family Tradition

OLD MILL BBQ AND BURRITOS in Pecos, TX opened its doors in 1947. Our owner’s grandfather, Amador Gochicoa, started the restaurant with his goal of offering delicious American, Mexican, BBQ and Italian food to patrons. His son-in-law, Sebero Sr., took over the business in the 70s. After he retired, his son, Sebero Jaquez, Jr., took over the business in 1992 and then brought his son, Sebero Jaquez, III, after graduating culinary school.

Combining Culinary Skills and Business Expertise

Sebero Jaquez, Jr., has been operating the family owned business with his son Sebero Jaquez III.  Culinary expertise and business acumen have made Old Mill BBQ & Burritos one of the most preferred restaurants in the area.  He has been operating the family owned and run business since then

Our chefs prepare our food with passion to give you an amazing feast that you’ll remember for a long time. If you need catering for your wedding or a special event, we can help. We will serve dishes that all of your guests will absolutely love.